Brussels, 26 June Key Enabling Technologies — A bridge to growth and jobs Europe is a global leader in the development of Key Enabling Technologies KETs and it has all that is necessary to remain in this position. The EU holds a strong competitive advantage: The urgency to act quickly is further demonstrated by recent developments in the machine tool industry, one of the key KETs application sectors: The European strategy for Key Enabling Technologies — A bridge to growth and jobs outlines a strategy and concrete steps aiming to four main objectives: KETs research and innovation financing — an integrated approach The Commission KETs strategy will streamline existing and upcoming EU policies and put them into a cohesive framework that will ensure an adequate focus on the third industrial revolution. This will translate in focusing the EU policies in the next multi-annual financial framework on research and innovation, cohesion policy, State-aids and prioritise EIB lending activities in favour of KETs deployment. Some actions already started within the FP7.

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Programme description During the EIT Food Summer School, 40 students from many different study backgrounds and countries will come together to bring their ideas for a sustainable food supply chain to life. Over the course of 6 days, participants will be working in interdisciplinary teams, to learn how digital technologies can be applied to foster sustainability and fair food supply chains. They will identify problems, prototype viable solutions with a validated value proposition and finally, pitch their results in front of a panel of experts.

About matchmaking events. ECCP organises inter-European matchmaking events, as well as opportunities for you to meet your peers from other countries – either in EU or abroad. Please find more details on the event here. EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community, working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon.

October 21, at 6: The variations — other than the day variety — are more random. The next dip occurs at 4. Not to mention additional variations of lesser magnitude. October 21, at 7: October 21, at 4: Some day something like SETI will detect extraterrestrials. It might take another hundred years, or it might have just happened over the weekend. Either way, the investment so far has been probably less than what the world spends on jumbo paper clips.

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At the same time, we build upon our extensive network of partners representing top rank industries, research centres and universities of the sustainable energy field across Europe. Contact us Contact us The form below will send your message via email to the contact you choose from the list below. We will do our best to respond within a few days. Please choose who to contact at InnoEnergy Choose contact: Use this contact for any questions or issues related to Business Creation Services and Swedish office.

Use this contact to report any problems with the innoenergy.

Final Programme online! Deltas in Times of Climate Change II, September It is an exciting programme with three days of plenaries and more than parallel sessions. Sessions that are interesting for scientists, practitioners and politicians working on climate change adaptation.

Its commitment to sustainability implies that particular attention is given to the interfaces between the economic, environmental and social dimensions of food production. The call advocates for food system approaches to tackle the inherent links between ecosystems, food production, the food chain and consumer health and wellbeing. Sustainable Intensification in Africa. Research and Innovation action: African Farming Systems, sustainable intensification pathways January B.

Eligibility for this award is restricted to U. Closing Date for Submission of Concept Notes: The Global Alliance understands all of its Impact Area work as interconnected. This collaborative initiative will complement the recently released report commissioned by the Global Alliance, Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing practices, political economy, and power relations to build healthier food systems — written by IPES-Food the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems , and four scoping papers commissioned in The work will also contribute to the work of TEEB for Agriculture and Food , a project, supported by the Global Alliance, that has developed a holistic food system valuation framework.


All projects aiming at protecting the environment as well as improving our life situation can be submitted. The fund will focus on five major themes for which energy makes a key contribution: Vetted through a rigorous process by a jury of global investors and industry experts, the Awards is designed

Matchmaking event naples eit health Lezingen, milan and innovation communities kics. Pete consigli is a matchmaking event at the hard work eit health market the outreach of eit.

Get connected — in Frankfurt 5. With its strong regional ecosystem Frankfurt offers access to international business and with Provadis Hochschule you receive access to the leading chemical and bio-technical industries. The Bootcamp in Frankfurt is dedicated to create a pan-European start-up community, unfold synergies between the RIS startups and create a joint spirit.

You will learn how to get your product and market ready and expand your business internationally. For further Information on the Bootcamp in Frankfurt please contact: The programme encompasses a joint curriculum for all participants with a focus on sustainable business modelling.

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Event minisite Press information Visit Press section of this website to find our press kit, press releases and other materials on InnoEnergy relevant to the media. Read more Contact us Please click the button below to contact our Press and Media office. You can choose a different option from the drop-down menu to contact anyone else at InnoEnergy. Contact us Contact us The form below will send your message via email to the contact you choose from the list below. We will do our best to respond within a few days.

Cross-KIC EIT RIS Dialogue Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT, ) is an independent European Union body based in Budapest, Hungary.

It also offers an opportunity to visit a working on-farm AD plant. The objectives of the event are to: If you are looking for funding, support, want to grow your business or have a business query or problem, we aim to have someone at our exhibition that can provide practical help and advice. Support is available for businesses who have an interest in bioenergy, could contribute to the development of a regional bioenergy supply chain, and who promote the adoption of innovative new bioenergy technologies across the West Midlands.

This is one of six events which see EBRI partnering with six Local Enterprise Partnerships LEPs in the West Midlands to inform you of funding streams available, potential sites for development and free support available to help you with your bioenergy development, such as: The meeting you will help you identify:


Contact Charelle Beatty for more information! We need your input! Native and non-Native community development organizations, banks, and small businesses will describe their experiences securing financing for businesses and housing. They will also discuss innovative and ground-breaking models for overcoming barriers to financing and the potential for future growth. The Forum is designed to increase awareness among bankers, non-profit organization leaders, government and tribal agency staff, elected officials, and others about initiatives ranging from tax credit programs to a gap financing pool, available to support Native American businesses.

of KIC from two previous studies based on the Harvard and the Sonneberg plate collections nds apparent corresponding events to these observed episodes in the MMO light curve. Also, a general trend of magnitudes per century decrease is observed in the MMO light curve, signi cant, but less than the trend of observed.

At present near-to-market research is on-going to develop innovative recycling flow sheets for high-tech EoL products like WEEE, rich in base and critical metals. As the price of such materials is steadily increasing, the business cases for these recycling flow sheets are gradually improving. Another source of critical metals can be delivered by secondary resources that are not as rich in valuable materials but which are present in vast amounts, e. These flows and stocks can provide large amounts of metals and moreover, they concurrently deliver a major stream of minerals from the residues after metal recovery that can be used for added-value construction and other technical materials.

Similarly, primary ores are becoming more and more complex and low-grade, requiring processing and refining technologies for better recovery of minerals and metals at increased efficiency in terms of better yield and process selectivity. Hence, an industrially viable, flexible toolbox is needed to recover valuable elements and to valorise the residual matrix from low grade complex polymetallic, primary and secondary resources. We also envisage close collaboration with the new KIC EIT Manufacturing to be established in , as major end-user of sustainable secondary resources.

The new Circular Economy package launched by the EC will significantly contribute to the success of the ZeroWaste-NoI RMC, by establishing clearer rules on industrial by-products and end-of-waste criteria to stimulate the usage of secondary resources by industry and markets for recycled materials. Objectives of the commitment: The integration of the individual NoIs in the comprehensive ZeroWaste network offers the perspective of a self-sufficient network, as companies will be able to find tailored solutions to sustain and grow their business.

Agenda of TBB. the sustainable energy innovation event.

Energy-efficient buildings and cities are the key to sustainable development. Around the world, initiatives emerge to make our cities smarter by integrating technology that will increase the performance of urban services as well as increase quality of life. How will we overcome hurdles with public administration processes and legislation? In this session we will have an interactive debate regarding this key question.

There will be ample time for advocates and critics to share their view and experience. The audience can participate and steer the discussion, and a qualified jury will judge the arguments.

The Nederlandse Klimaatcoalitie is the matchmaking platform for sustainable entrepreneurs. Six great examples of companies who realise a carbon neutral business will be awarded. Be part of this Climate Innovation Experience!

We deliver solutions to enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives by promoting innovation. We connect the right people and the right topics across European borders, so that innovation can happen at the intersection of research, education and business — for the benefit of citizens. In Innovation Projects, workshops, and start-up programmes, we foster collaboration — and support innovators with funding, expertise, and access to the market, so that breakthrough ideas can be implemented rapidly.

We collaborate We collaborate across European borders and bring stakeholders to the table. We build strong links between business, research and education. And we connect innovators with payers, public authorities and investors.

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Deltas in Times of Climate Change II, September It is an exciting programme with three days of plenaries and more than parallel sessions. Sessions that are interesting for scientists, practitioners and politicians working on climate change adaptation. During the conference there will be plenty of time to meet with interesting people from around the world and extend your network. Impacts of climate change are already happening.

EIT Climate-KIC Benelux is organising a Partner Event specially official EIT Climate-KIC partners. For our partners this event is the opportunity to follow up on the EIT Climate-KIC priorities of , and to give information about the first Call for Proposals of the year.

Test their project and consortia ideas for climate innovation in a stimulating environment Meet new colleagues, work together and discuss ideas to begin forming consortia Pitch their ideas in front of a jury Potentially move their project forward with financial support Become part of a more informed and closely connected EIT Climate-KIC community Sustainable Land Use: We are looking for innovative ideas within forestry and the wider use of raw materials, among others, wood in construction, and a focus on the long-term substitution of materials such as concrete and fossil fuels.

The aim is to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and increased social and economic value. Please reach out to All project proposals, regardless of track, are to be submitted through the same link. Assessment of project ideas will be based on the following priorities: Cross-community collaboration in project team Feasibility of implementation Demand identification Conditions for funding Only participants employed by EIT Climate-KIC partners are eligible to receive awards.

Activities for reimbursement are services from third parties related to the project, travel for team members, exhibitions, PR, consumables, coaching, software, labour, and so on. Do not hesitate to contact if you have additional questions.

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This 2-day event will take off with a boot-camp gathering all the C-KIC Nordic accelerator startups and Greenhouse teams for some powerful capacity and community building. It will run in parallel with the Gothenburg Tech Week: Your teams will be provided with tools and methods to forecast the climate impact of your start-up, to define conditions for a negative footprint and to find directions for improvement of your business idea.

EIT Climate-KIC invites all partners and external parties who are active in the field of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to take part in the Matchmaking Event ‘Building Green, Resilient Cities‘ on 21 March in Utrecht. Together we can increase the impact of nature based solutions.

Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e. Opportunities, international transferability and limits of digitalization in the energy sector Room: SIBB Forum Public Sector The possibilities of the Digital Transformation are undeniable also in the public sector a main driver of the implementation of a new thinking how better governmental processes can be delivered.

We want to have a look at both sides, Europe and Asia how in different societies similar problems in the public sector can be solved by using new Technologies. Even Blockchain Projects are visible at the horizon in the public sector. How amazing is that?! They will offer a discussion about first results as well as potential failure and risks in an interactive way. The press reported it and it was being discussed.

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