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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. He is beautiful, as you can see. He is missing his head Dress. And t is some bug damage on the black muslin that represents his hair, but not bad, and won’t be seen when you get him a new head dress or hair. He has his original necklace of really beautiful beads, but the leather in the back was weak, and it pulled away from the sting. I’ll let you repair. On his blanket, under his elbows are small stains of rust w the doll stand held him. He stands 12 inches tall! Wrapped in a beautiful Navajo blanket, and wearing a faded pink silk-like shirt underneathj.

Butte History and “Lost Butte”

Penny Vincenzi Call Number: He is a man with ambition–and someone to watch. His wife Alice, a former nurse, shares his ideals. It seems they are the perfect match.

The Night Visitor. Lucy Atkins. Call Number: FIC ATKINS. Professor Olivia Sweetman has worked hard to achieve the life of her dreams, with a high-flying career as a TV presenter and historian, three children, and a talented husband.

HEAD does something different with it, and the results are rather fascinating. While rather simplistic, the short does offer up some creepy moments as the featureless zombies crawl towards the camera to attack the two hapless puppet dudes. In this short, the theme of treating this material as if it were just real actors doing real things is shown, a stance taken later in HEAD and one that sets this puppet horror film apart from others.

As I said, the story is pretty typical, and I think that the film suffers for such because HEAD is so much like all of the other campers in the woods with a killer tale…except with puppets. But the puppets look great, there are some nice gory moments with gooey blood and abundant felt nipples bared, and while the fact that the puppets are playing it straight is impressive and distinct, I look forward to seeing more chances taken in the story department is there are more Elmwood Puppet productions in the works.

As the child continues to grow stronger, so does the opposition protesting outside of the lab she is housed in as religious groups and pro-cloning groups battle it out on the sidewalks out front. But things get really tense when Victor moves Elizabeth to his own gated home.

Dr. E’s Doll Museum Blog:

They enjoy the company of humans and other pets in the household. Bambino The Bambino is a cross between a Munchkin and a Sphynx. It has the short legs and small size that the Munchkins are known for, but it also is hairless like the Sphinx. Bambinos are known to be very affectionate and like other hairless cats, enjoy getting in close to you for warmth.

Curator’s Corner. New Exhibit: Moccasins to Mukluks Dolls of the First North Americans February 6 – May 2, It is quite a pleasure to bring you an exhibit of wonderful dolls from some very important doll makers – the first North Americans.

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The largest measures 9″ tall.


She has brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with four upper teeth, well painted lashes and brows, on the original fully jointed wood and composition body, wearing original dark blonde mohair wig, gauze chemise, and original black stockings and oil cloth shoes. Accompanying her is an additional blue linen dress with lace collar. Much of wax on upper eyelid missing. Included are two Kestner s both on jointed composition bodies with joints at shoulders, hips, and knees.

There is also an AM Googly, with brown glass sleep eyes on original five piece composition toddler body. There are five all bisque dolls, one with glass eyes and a swivel neck, a Googly with fixed glass eyes with one piece head and torso, and three small bisque children, one with glass eyes and swivel neck, one with painted eyes and swivel neck, and one with glass eyes, stationary neck, and wearing original winter clothing.

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Her request for a patent was filed on November 29, The patent was granted February 17, and from that day forward, Skookum Indian dolls were labeled. Some dolls, for no apparent reason, have a label on each foot. Dolls such as the squat sitters have the label fixed to the cotton covered base and some early mailers have a label on the back of the cardboard carrier. Many labels were lost over the years as the glue that held them became brittle and dried out. In some cases the label, if it is an unusual or rare one, can add to the dolls value.

Because Skookum Indian dolls were made for such a long period of time there were years when two to three labels may have been in simultaneous use. This seems to be the case particularly in the late teens through the s. The table below illustrates the Skookum Indian doll labels we have found to date. Please note that the labels themselves were printed on a variety of colored papers including: The examples below are references for the design and content of the label only.

Hazel Home Art and Antiques Wausau, Wisconsin: Adriaen Coenen’s Fish Book ()

The patents were granted on February 17, One of the applications was for a male and the other a female and in three styles – a male doll, a female doll, a female doll with a baby. The dolls started to become so popular that Mary McAboy partnered with H. She stayed on and was the head of the Skookum Assembly Division. The look of the doll stayed the same but some of the materials used to make them changed and plastic and some other materials were used.

They were factory made dolls from the ‘s – ‘s that resembled Native American people and were usually sold in tourist spots Skookum dolls came in a variety of sizes and styles to represent various tribes, customs and dress.

Dr. E’s Doll Museum Blog This is a family friendly blog for those who love dolls and toys. The blog is a forum for all apsects of doll history, doll collecting, and doll making.

Butte was booming in For all practical purposes, the War of the Copper Kings was over, even though the Anaconda Company would not completely consolidate its ownership of nearly every mine and more until after William Clark died in After Augustus Heinze was out of the picture in , money that had been tied up in litigation freed investors to build, build, build. And in , the city directory listed named mines. With all that construction, attention was also finally paid to street paving and sidewalk construction.

In June the city council was looking at a huge project to permanently pave sidewalks on residential streets all around the central business district, including much of Granite, Quartz, and Wyoming. But until the paving was completed a few years later, ruts and gullies must have been common on unpaved streets, and boardwalk sidewalks, where present, could have washed out easily. Unpaved roads and walkways and extensive mine operations all over the Hill — just imagine mine dumps, some huge, some small — meant that storm water would likely have not just run off, it would have run off carrying plenty of dirt and debris with it.

Both in the city and nearby, pretty much all the trees were gone.

Two Graces Taos: Shopping at Two Graces Vol. 9: Vintage Curios and Antiques

Ghoulia has a pale gray skin and light blue hair. She appears nerdy with her cat-eye glasses with horns on its rim. She also seems to slouch and even sits or stands in weird posture due to her zombie lineage. The most distinct characteristic she has is that her eyes does not blink at the same time, instead, it blinks alternately.

10 Collectibles NOT Worth Collecting Anymore Email Print Terry Kovel was interviewed for this article that appeared in the March 15, issue of The Bottom Line/Personal publication.

Moccasins to Mukluks Dolls of the First North Americans February 6 – May 2, It is quite a pleasure to bring you an exhibit of wonderful dolls from some very important doll makers – the first North Americans. We have wanted for a long time to put this special exhibit together, and it is finally happening! There is such a fabulous diversity and range of dolls made by Native Americans; we promise you a great exhibit, both enjoyable and educational.

Bring the family and escape the late winter doldrums. Along with some fine examples of dolls from the Museum’s own collection, including a fascinating group of Native-Alaskan dolls Rosalie Whyel was born and raised in Alaska, and a number of the staff have lived there , we are honored to display a selection of dolls lent by mother and daughter, Jane and Sarah Gregory of southern California, from their remarkable collection. Most of their dolls date from the s to the present, including many whose makers are identified a real bonus, as often that information was lost through the years.

Some local collectors will also be sharing dolls in the exhibit, which features about dolls, depicting over 50 different groups or tribes, dating from the late 19th century to the present and representing all of the different cultural areas of North America: You’ll also find wonderful dolls by non-native doll artists. In contrast to both of these types, we offer a look at some of the commercially produced “tourist dolls” and “exhibition dolls,” from a rare early 20th century German bisque by Simon and Halbig depicting the typical European idea of Indian culture during that period, to the ever popular and charming but not culturally accurate “Skookum Indian” dolls.

Most doll lovers and collectors today approach Native-American dolls with respect, but they may have little appreciation and interest in them, due to a lack of understanding of the cultures that created them. The dolls are often not traditionally “pretty,” created of indigenous, sometimes “strange,” materials such as animal skins and fur, porcupine quills, horsehair, and bone – materials to which “western” or European-influenced dolls have not been properly introduced!

However, when we begin to learn and understand more about the history and traditions of the peoples who made them, the dolls take on a very special beauty and appeal of their own. Let this exhibit be a delightful and easy way to start or add to your knowledge.

Vintage Heinrich and Co H&C Selb Bavaria GOLD ENCRUSTED Chargers Dinner Plates (7)

He is characterized as a tall, down to earth , and strong monster who gets very competitive in sports and in the academics. Excelling in both his subjects and in sports, Clawd is the captain of the football team and a casketball player. He really looks fit with his athletic physique and he really looks tough with his sideburns and pierced left ear.

Despite his jock status, he is a very outgoing and fun RAD to be with. He is a good friend to almost everybody in Monster High and is known for his composure.

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We took a short trip,only about an hour’s drive from here. We had agreed not to spend too terribly much money,and instead try to put back what we might have spent for a bigger blowout next year on our 30th. Ken didn’t really stick to that though. I went cheap and he instead spent money on me. So before we left we exchanged gifts. I’ll be showing you what Ken got me in an upcoming post. We really did have a nice time on our trip.

It didn’t start off so well though. For one thing, I’d been having an on and off head ache for a couple of days. When I woke up the morning of our anniversary, I felt fine.