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The series was originally directed by Mitsuru Hongo from to , and was replaced by Keiichi Hara from to Since , the series is directed by Yuji Muto. The music in the series is composed by Toshiyuki Arakawa. The series was originally going to end in and have its time-slot replaced by a remake of Umeboshi Denka. However, because the series was a huge hit on TV Asahi, the network decided not to replace it. The episodes were translated by Karlton Tomomitsu.

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Rain I’ve been meaning to write about “Rain”, SM Station’s most successful release so far, obviously by the All-Kill Queen Taeyeon, but I decided to wait until the annual celebration of her life which, as we all know, is a beauty. So first of all, a happy birthday to my favorite K-Pop artist my favorite Korean person! I hope you’re enjoying your favorite pastime of just relaxing in your room, a pastime that I have embraced as my favorite as well, and by that I mean relaxing in my room, not in your room, though being in your room would definitely be a dream come true for me.

Before I leave to ponder on that interesting scenario some more, let me just give a few comments on “Rain”. It is an awesome song. They very wisely decided to avoid too much repetition and kept the lyrics of this slow jam dynamic yet cohesive all throughout.

Nov 25,  · Crayon Pop’s Soyul has confirmed news of her soon-to-be wedding with Moon Hee Jun in a personal letter written to her fans. Earlier today, news of Moon Hee Jun and Crayonpop Soyul ‘s marriage broke out, surprising everyone.

Special thanks to Sam Byford and James Chae for their help in assembling this playlist. Essentially, the song is a comical swipe against the type of image that most K-Pop stars portray. Although the song is sung in Korean, the music is as pure a slice of modern American pop as anything in the states. And the video is really rather funny, in any language. In , he got busted for trying to weasel out of mandatory military service and as a result was inducted into the ROK Army, where he remained until summer His albums have been dogged by controversy: Grimes, a Canadian musician that lies on the more interesting and experimental edge of the rock spectrum, discussed the appeal of the artist in a recent NME blog entry.

The qualities that typify a K-Pop song, according to JD Relic , an in-house songwriter and producer for Marcan Entertainment, are more or less universal. In Asia, karaoke is so huge. One thing that we’ve noticed is that if you have a song that’s really singable it’s more likely to be a hit, because people can go to the karaoke lounge and sing your song.

But if it’s really complicated, it’s harder to sing and enjoy. I think that’s a big aspect of writing songs that are hits.

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Achievements[ edit ] POP TV has received more than 39 Viktors, Slovene awards for media achievements and achievements in popular culture. It won two in Athens in April Gold medal in the category Best News Promo for the promotional spot for the show Preverjeno! At the international festival in , the channel gained a gold medal in the category Best Drama Promo for the promotional spot for the series Profiler, in a silver medal in the category Best Quiz Promo for the promo for the quiz show Lepo je biti milijonar “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and in a gold medal for the best promotional spot for the film In the Line of Fire.

For the fifth year in a row POP TV was awarded with the Trusted Brand title , , , , among TV stations, as the most trustworthy and popular brand among consumers. Within 24UR, the following segments are currently airing: Weekdays the show is hosted by one pair and the pairs exchange each week. Weekend shows are hosted by individual hosts from each pair.

The show is criticized as having a left-wing bias. It is often accused by the Slovenian right-wing party SDS to not report about the Slovenian “underground” political corruption that SDS believes to come from many former members of the Slovenian Communist Party that ruled during the era of socialism in Slovenia and still have a huge influence on Slovenian state-owned companies and left-wing political parties.

In the beginning, the show aired from 7: The pair hosted the show between Monday and Thursday. In , the show introduced a second hosting pair: In , the show was redesigned and began 15 minutes earlier, at 7:

Crayon Pop’s Soyul Writes Handwritten Letter To Fans After Marriage Announcement

The controversial video between A and B in Jeju Island was recently leaked. A surprising part about this leak was that it was planned out to the T from C broadcast station for the purpose of noise marketing. However, the show in question is over and the virtual marriage program that was the point of the marketing is hitting rock bottom in viewer ratings.

Shindong, Hyolyn, AOA, And More K-Pop Idols To Join Fortnite Korea Open Posted on نوامبر 16, by Lila شيندونگ،هيولين،AOA،و آيدل هاي ديگر كي پاپ به fortnite korea open پيوستن.

Confessions of a K-Pop Trainee: Lori Thomas of Paramount Posted by: KPopRanter September 03, Ever since I can remember I have short-term memory, deal with it , I have always wanted to know what life was like in a K-Pop trainee’s perspective. We have always heard or seen covered and softened stories from actual idols who explained their gruesome and reminiscing training details however, never actually hearing thorough explanations, many questions still unanswered and many people still craving more information of “that” lifestyle than the obvious and redundant jargon.

And after she opened her official ask. To introduce her, Lori Thomas is an “Ameriasian” trainee of the company Paramount Music, whom, as mentioned above, debuted their first ever group, Chocolat, back in Living in America for a huge chunk of her life yes, she speaks English , she’s now residing in Osan, South Korea while training for Paramount’s upcoming girl group which apparently will debut near the end of this year.

She appeared in Chocolat’s Black Tinkerbell as Wendy and is utter perfection, I’m already your fan not permitted to speak of the group’s specific details, yet can speak of her training life. How about new ones? They treat them the same as they would a person of their own race.

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Well, it appears that she’s doing quite well because she’s getting married soon! Shortly after Moon Hee-jun’s announcement, both his and Soyul’s agencies confirmed the couple’s engagement , stating that a ceremony will be held next February. Furthermore, both agencies stated that Moon Hee-jun and Soyul’s engagement was a decision both made after eight months of dating.

As for Soyul, she left a handwritten letter on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe, and asks that everyone will support her engagement before reassuring fans that she will be back, better and improved. Here’s a translation of Soyul’s letter: I hope all of my fans are doing well.

On November 14, Crayon Pop performed at an event in Cheonan. While the members were exiting the stage, a male fan tried to hug ChoA. Since then, video clips of the incident have been circulating in online communities claiming that a member of Crayon Pop was sexually harassed.

She was absolutely smitten, but thoroughly convinced that he would have nothing to do with her. I am proud to be an Asian woman and to look the way that I do. My issue with being an Asian woman and trying to date has less to do with my perception of myself, and everything to do with the way I am treated and perceived by men, specifically non-Asian men. Meeting new people in a romantic sense is difficult for anyone.

And, for me, the experience has been made all the more difficult and uncomfortable by stereotypes about Asian women. There are times that I have been discriminated against because of my race. Yellow Fever is more of a social disease.


These will be the religious services South Koreans attend if they have Christian faith. A Typical Korean Christmas Christmas is a public holiday and Koreans celebrate on December 25 just like everywhere else. Work is suspended by law and most people have a day off. Christmas for Koreans , wherever they are, is often about family and echoes many Western traditions; however, Christmas is also a day for young people to go out and party together or have a special date.

Christmas Cards Korean Christmas cards are an important way to keep in contact with family and friends for both indigenous and transplant populations.

Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar was a good stage. The start got everyone hyped up and when the song actually started, boy was the screams loud! The start got everyone hyped up and when the song actually started, boy was the screams loud!

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