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Botanical data developed by NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs see Local Programs , The North Carolina Botanical Garden, and other contributors and cooperators see Sources. American Book Company, New York. Flora of North America Editorial Committee. Flora of North America North of Mexico. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. A synonymized checklist of the vascular flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland. Timber Press, Portland, OR.

Dig Volume 3, May by Flinders ArchSoc

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claw-shaped, or unguiculate: with the nucleus apical or in front, as in Turbinella and Fusus ; it is claw-shaped and serrated in Strombus spiral: when it grows only on one edge, and revolves as it grows ; it is always sinistral in dextral shells.

Vegetative anatomy Phellogen ab initio epidermal or subepidermal, pericyclic, or outer- or inner-cortical. Secondary lateral growth normal, anomalous from cylindrical cambium or several concentric cambia or absent. Vessel elements with simple or scalariform sometimes reticulate perforation plates; lateral pits alternate, scalariform or opposite, simple or bordered pits. Vestured pits sometimes present.

Imperforate tracheary xylem elements tracheids, fibre tracheids or libriform fibres with simple or bordered pits, septate or non-septate often also vasicentric tracheids. Wood rays uniseriate or multiseriate, usually heterocellular rarely homocellular , or absent. Axial parenchyma apotracheal diffuse or diffuse-in-aggregates, or paratracheal scanty, vasicentric, aliform, lozenge-aliform, winged-aliform, confluent, scalariform, reticulate, unilateral, or banded, or absent.

Intraxylary phloem sometimes present. Sieve tube plastids Ss, S0, Pcs or Pc type. Schizogenous secretory cells, canals or cavities or glands with resin, balsam or other secretions often abundant. Heartwood often with gum-like substances. Silica bodies sometimes present. Cristarque cells sometimes present. Calciumoxalate as prismatic, rhomboidal or acicular crystals, crystal sand, druses, styloids or other types.

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Cosexual, but bearing both hermaphroditic and staminate flowers. Kearns and Inouye andromonoecy. Where a hermaphrodite bears male and hermaphrodite flowers.

Words that contain ng | Words containing ng. Words Found 71 Letter words that contain ng. blood-oxygenation level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Find articles by Milton Groppo Jacquelyn A. Kallunki Find articles by Jacquelyn A. Copyright Milton Groppo, Jacquelyn A. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The position of the plant genus Pitavia within an infrafamilial phylogeny of Rutaceae rue, or orange family was investigated with the use of two non-coding regions from cpDNA, the trnL-trnF region and the rps16 intron. The only species of the genus, Pitavia punctata Molina, is restricted to the temperate forests of the Coastal Cordillera of Central-Southern Chile and threatened by loss of habitat.

The genus traditionally has been treated as part of tribe Zanthoxyleae subfamily Rutoideae where it constitutes the monogeneric tribe Pitaviinae. This tribe and genus are characterized by fruits of 1 to 4 fleshy drupelets, unlike the dehiscent fruits typical of the subfamily. Fifty-five taxa of Rutaceae, representing 53 genera nearly one-third of those in the family and all subfamilies, tribes, and almost all subtribes of the family were included.

Parsimony and Bayesian inference were used to infer the phylogeny; six taxa of Meliaceae, Sapindaceae, and Simaroubaceae, all members of Sapindales, were also used as out-groups. Results from both analyses were congruent and showed Pitavia as sister to Flindersia and Lunasia, both genera with species scattered through Australia, Philippines, Moluccas, New Guinea and the Malayan region, and phylogenetically far from other Neotropical Rutaceae, such as the Galipeinae Galipeeae, Rutoideae and Pteleinae Toddalieae, former Toddalioideae.

Additionally, a new circumscription of the subfamilies of Rutaceae is presented and discussed. Only two subfamilies both monophyletic are recognized:

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Gastropod shell — The gastropod shell is part of the body of a gastropod or snail, a kind of mollusk or mollusc. The shell is a skeleton or exoskeleton, which may serve for muscle attachment, but also for protection from predators, mechanical damage, dehydration. Some gastropods appear shell-less but may have a remnant within the mantle, some snails also possess an operculum that seals the opening of the shell, known as the aperture, which provides further protection.

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Also, the normal development root hairs. Two dissimilar parts fused together are said to be adnate. Arising at various points along a stem, rather than at the base or apex, or another such specific zone. Raspberries are aggregate fruits. Many orchids have extensions of the sides of the column that appear to be wings.. Alkalinity is expressed by pH value which numerically increase as alkalinity increases, from 7.

ALLELE ah-LEE-leh – One of two dissimilar genes which occupy positions on homologous chromosomes and which carry factors acting as alternative conditions in inheritance. Multiple alleles are members of a series of more than two alleles possessed by a genotype. Usually identified with fermentation.


Early[ edit ] G. Historia plantarum, Enquiry into plants. Where the climate is mild, it appears with the first sign of winter, but in more severe climes, later in spring [16] Rembert Dodoens , a Flemish botanist, had described and illustrated ths plant in as did Gerard in England in probably using much of Dodoens’ material , calling it Leucojum bulbosum praecox Timely bulbous violet. Gerard refers to Theophrastus’ description as Viola alba or Viola bulbosa using Pliny ‘s translation, and comments that the plant had originated in Italy and had “taken possession” in England “many years past”.

Consequently, Linnaeus is granted the botanical authority. In doing so, he distinguished this genus and species from Leucojum Leucojum bulbosum trifolium minus , a name by which it had been previously known.

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Rafaela Forzza Recent debates on the number of plant species in the vast lowland rain forests of the Amazon have been based largely on model estimates, neglecting published checklists based on verified voucher data. Here we collate taxonomically verified checklists to present a list of seed plant species from lowland Amazon rain forests. Our list comprises 14, species, of which 6, are trees. These figures are similar to estimates derived from nonparametric ecological models, but they contrast strongly with predictions of much higher tree diversity derived from parametric models.

Based on the known proportion of tree species in neotropical lowland rain forest communities as measured in complete plot censuses, and on overall estimates of seed plant diversity in Brazil and in the neotropics in general, it is more likely that tree diversity in the Amazon is closer to the lower estimates derived from nonparametric models. Much remains unknown about Amazonian plant diversity, but this taxonomically verified dataset provides a valid starting point for macroecological and evolutionary studies aimed at understanding the origin, evolution, and ecology of the exceptional biodiversity of Amazonian forests.


Only mature and adult specimens and fully developed leaves were considered in the analysis. Leaf length was measured from the surface of the soil, which corresponds approximately to the distance from the apex of the pseudobulb to the apex of the leaf. Fully developed mature leaves. Plant in campo sujo vegetation. Plant with mature leaves and fruits.

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